Wednesday, March 14, 2007

#106-A Wish From Mattie

This poem was written for Lily Mei by a dear lady that I work with. Thanks Mattie! I love you!

To Lily Mei

Welcome dear Lily to a home that is new.
You’ve been eagerly awaited by your Mom, Dad and brothers, too.
You’re starting a new life surrounded by love on every side
And your Mom, Dad and brothers behold you with pleasure and pride.
You’ve started on a venture that is very strange and new
And you have to get acquainted with the world surrounding you.
But with such a great family to introduce you, Lily,
You’ll soon get use to living happily here.

You will have a lot of sunny days and many happy hours.
But remember with the sunshine there will always be some showers.
For life will be a mixture of both sunshine and rain,
Of joy and sorrow, mixed with happiness and pain.
But God will always be there to help and bless you, too
As you grow into adulthood and all your dreams come true.
Remember in everything you do be kind
And may you look at people with your heart
Not just your mind.
And remember Jesus looks down from heaven above
So live always in his likeness and
Learn to share his love.
And God bless your family who are all in love with you.


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